Why am I writing this blog? Because I want as many people as possible to know about fostering, escpecially in and around Edinburgh. I have loved every minute of my fostering career and I’m sure there are many others out there who would love it too. There is a huge need for more foster carers. If you’ve ever thought of fostering – or never given it a second thought – read on. (Every time I add an article here I’ll add a tweet about it on Twitter so you can follow me there if you’re interested.)

I started off as a HomeDad, looking after my 3rd son after he was born, and I enjoyed it so much that I though I’d carry on by fostering once he got old enough to to go to nursery and school. I foster toddlers to make sure the children I foster are at least 2 years younger than my youngest. It works for us!

Fostering seems a little daunting, but you can make a huge difference to a child’s life and I guarantee you will find it rewarding. Hopefully you will find my ramblings interesting and helpful and that they will show you how worthwhile it can be. I’ll try and show the bad as well as the good of fostering, because it’s not easy and it’s important people go into fostering with their eyes open. That said, there is a lot of good support for foster carers, so don’t worry.

For obvious reasons I need to keep this as impersonal as possible, so none of the names will ever be the real ones and many of the situations may be slightly modified too. But it will all be real!

Disclaimer: This is not an official blog and it has nothing to do with any fostering service. These are just my own personal views so don’t blame anyone else for what I say – just me 🙂


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