Routine is a wonderful thing…

9 06 2009

…well it keeps me sane…

It’s amazing the difference a little routine can make to a child’s life. Often they come from such chaotic backgrounds that they don’t know what routine feels like.

When is the next meal? Is there another meal? When is bedtime – where will I sleep? What are we doing next? Will anyone talk to me and pay me some attention today?

It’s the one thing I find the most amazing about fostering! A little basic routine provides a child with stability, a feeling of safety and confidence, and within just a couple of weeks they start to flourish and begin to overcome whatever issues they came with. It’s one of the most rewarding things to see.

Mealtimes round the table together, regular bed and bath times, weekly visits to parks, soft play, toddlers groups; these are all things that make a big difference.

Even though we take this sort of routine for granted and it feels nothing special to us, it’s what a lot of children crave and just don’t have. It’s definitely one of the most important thing a foster carer has to offer.




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10 06 2009

During our introductions planning meeting this week, I managed to reduce the foster carer to tears, and I think it was due to recognising just this.

I said, as we went through our child’s routines, that I thought this was really important, because when a child moves on to their adoptive parents (or elsewhere), the ONLY things that stay the same are maybe the special teddy’s or blankets and their daily routine. Everything else changes.

We are just entering introductions for our second adopted child and I thank foster carers with all my heart and every bone for providing those routines, and that stability, that make it possible for them to come home with some patterns that help us to help them settle and adjust in the most positive way.

11 06 2009

That’s really good to know. Thanks for the encouragement. Routine certaily works for us so it’s useful to know that continues when the children move on.

Good to hear about adoption from the other side too on your blog.

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