It’s a family thing

6 06 2009

I liked the start of the article in the Guardian’s Down With The Kids column this weekend.

“With the birth of our third child last month, my wife and I now have more kids than pairs of hands. As a footballer friend pointed out, this means we must change tactics from man-to-man marking to zonal defence.”

The truth of fostering for us is that we’re all foster carers, all 5 of us. It’s not just Mum or Dad who are the foster carers, we all do our bit. And it’s been great for our own kids. They have all become much more responsible as a result and take it all very seriously. Imagine having civilised, mature, responsible teenagers 😉 Unheard of? We do!

You know, I think I’d actually recommend fostering just because of the benefits to my own family. Sure, there can be some downsides, but the family is definitely stronger, I think we talk about things more and we appreciate each other too. If they weren’t part of it then it wouldn’t work! It really is something to do as a family for us.




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