Fostering – you gotta love it!

3 06 2009

It’s great – I love it! Been a Fostering Home Dad for about 5 years now and it’s definitely been the most rewarding job I’ve ever done, alongside being a Dad.

I’m writing this blog because I really want as many people as possible – especially in and around Edinburgh – to know about fostering. It’s not official, just my own views on fostering based on my own experiences.

There is a big need for foster carers in the UK, and that applies to Edinburgh too. There are children still at home who really need to be in foster care. In March, Edinburgh reported that there were around 50 children waiting to be fostered but still had no place to go. I think if more people knew what fostering was all about then they would investigate it a little further and find out how unbelievably rewarding it is.

I’m not saying Fostering is easy, because it isn’t, and it’s not for everyone, but you can make a real difference to a child’s life. And that is worth something!

So read on and I hope you find it interesting. You can keep a little more up to date by following my Twitter at too.




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6 06 2009

Hi! I’m really looking forward to following what you write as I haven’t found much ‘out there’ blogwise from a UK viewpoint! I’m relatively new to foster caring and am a social worker by trade (for my sins!) while my partner stays home with kids..

8 06 2010
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